Why you should visit Zimbabwe & Botswana in the Green Season

The ‘Green Season‘ as it is known is a fantastic time to visit Zimbabwe or Botswana. Our rains happen in the summer months from November through to April. During the green season, most lodges offer lower prices, you will have few other travellers around and spectacular lush scenery filled with migratory birds and baby animals. You get to experience a private Africa at an affordable price as lodges drop their rates.

Showers are usually short and happen in the late afternoon and evenings although occasionally we get a few rainy days the weather is still mild and warm. Expect long warm days and dramatically shifting light patterns as clouds build up, dissipate and give way to clear and dust-free skies.

We also highly recommend a green season safari for seasoned African travellers as it will give them a new experience of the continent.

Best areas to visit in the green season for Zimbabwe and Botswana: