Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Zimbabwe is a very safe, welcoming and generally easy to navigate country. Petty crime exists in low numbers as it does everywhere so we recommend you keep your valuables in your room safe and exercise common sense if in an urban area at night.

Zimbabwe is a malaria area and it is strongly recommended that you visit your healthcare professional before coming out to ensure you are taking the correct malarial prophylaxis Larium can cause alarming side effects so please research carefully and try it out before you travel.

Be careful of the sun, always wear a hat and apply sunscreen! Do not assume tap water is safe – always ask first and in most places bottled water is available. Never drink from rivers or dams.

And lastly AIDS is prevalent but of course very easily avoided. It is mainly spread through sexual contact so either abstain or practise safely, ask your doctor if you have any queries before you depart. Be informed and stay safe!

Emergency numbers
Police 777 777
Cell 112
Other 911