The Rise of the ‘Bush Camp’

A wide range of accommodation that is possible on safari, however we are seeing a trend in the return to a simple, rustic style of camp which we refer to as a ‘bush camp’. The reasons for this trend are many but the main one is the focus being not on the camps amenities but rather on the close connection with nature they offer and the high standard of guiding at these camps reflects this.

African bush camps are simple, ‘close to the ground’ camps with a simpler aesthetic and ethos. They often do not offer wi-fi and focus on a connection to nature and sense of ‘escape’. They tend not to be raised on boardwalks and some of these camps operate seasonally and are taken down for part of the year. Rustic does not mean primitive however, and accommodation is usually in spacious tents with comfortable beds, and en-suite bathrooms. These camps make the perfect setting for an authentic and wild safari experience.

Camp Hwange says they are

…Based on a simple philosophy of providing an authentic safari, where you become immersed in nature, experience the feel, the smell and the touch of the African bush, become a part of it, rather than a spectator.

They are in stunning locations, worth visiting simply for the lifetime experience they offer. It is often possible to walk, canoe or go for night drives from bush camps. The dining areas usually comprise both a roofed section and an area open to the stars. Dinners are often enjoyed under the stars, candlelit, and accompanied by the evening calls of the wilds.

One of the greatest things about an African safari is the feeling of being in a wild and remote place. Bush camps lend themselves to this sense of adventure.

In Zimbabwe some of the most notable examples are:

Hwange Area

Mana Pools Area


Of course there are many other options and if this style of safari sounds like it would suit you please get in touch and we can tailor make the perfect itinerary to suit your interests and budget.