Matusadona & Lake Kariba

Matusadona & Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba

In the late 1950s, the Kariba Dam flooded much of the middle Zambezi Valley, creating one of the world’s greatest man-made lakes: Lake Kariba.  Around this shoreline are some excellent safari lodges, offering walks and drives, as well as boat and canoe trips to explore the lake’s inlets and creeks. The lake is a superb place to watch the sunset, with the Matusadona Mountains in the background making for an excellent photo opportunity.

The lake offers superb fishing opportunities (Tiger and Bream) as well as fantastic birding with over 400 species recorded. A few days on a luxury houseboat, soaking up the hot Zambezi sun whilst fishing and watching game on the shoreline is highly recommended and unique experience.


Matusadona National Park

Then the middle Zambezi valley was flooded the valley’s prolific game was concentrated on its islands and southern shore, where Matusadona National Park was created. Today the park has a large lion population and prides are often seen on foot. Both black and white rhinos are present, as well. Elephant and buffalo are abundant on the shoreline while the lake is teeming with hippos and crocodiles.

Matusadona is usually accessed by boat or plane. As such, it is a secluded. It’s location along lake Kariba makes it a very scenic place, its sunsets over the drowned trees silhouettes are truly unique. The lake also allows you to see the wildlife from another point of view by boat, not only from a safari vehicle.

The park also boasts the big five – buffalo frequent the area which along with a healthy population of antelope bring cats and other predatory animals to the region too. Black rhino, one of Africa’s rarer animals, can be spotted here and there are opportunities to track them along with their more widespread, but no less impressive relative, the white rhino. The bird life is exceptional due largely to the diverse habitation which supports, amongst many species, a very healthy fish-eagle population.

For those more adventurous the park offers fantastic walking opportunities with regular sightings of rhino, elephant, buffalo, and loads of plains game and good predators.

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