Family Safaris

Family Safaris

Zimbabwe ‘the jewel of Africa’, is a safe and stable African country which is perfect for a family holiday.
Zimbabwe has great offering for families coming on safari – from mobile camping Safaris to Lodges offering special Family programmes run by specialist guides.

Health & Safety

Zimbabwe is ‘the bush’ and much care is taken to ensure that families are aware of any potential dangers and precautions are taken to cover these

Child friendly Lodges

There is a good selection of Lodges in all areas that welcome children from as young as 2 years old. Certain activities may have a minimum age requirements but there is still plenty of activities to keep everyone occupied, Family accommodation is offered with tents and chalets that sleep a family. Suites and adjoining rooms are on also solutions for young families.

Certain Lodges have gone a step further and have specially designed children programmes run by trained guides. These Programmes are for families with children 7 years and over and offer activities that keep children occupied at all times – such as keeping a bush diary, animal track identification, bark rubbings etc . Guides will also keep children entertained at camp whilst the parents are on game drives if they wish!

Mobile Camping Safaris for Families

These are a great option for a family safari – as a family is a ‘ready made group’ and can hire the vehicle and crew and have their own private safari. This allows the family to take the safari at their own pace and not having to fit in with other clients.
The mobile Safari guides are excellent at making all game drives interesting for younger viewers.

Family Holiday Itinerary Zimbabwe