Mobile Camping Safaris

Mobile Camping Safaris

Not so much for those who want to rough it but rather those who want to get closer to nature and may have more time on their hands. Camping safaris these days are very comfortable and food and lodging to the highest of standards. There are no more frozen dinners and eating out of tins, Zimbabwe operators are masters in providing standards that echo “camping like in days gone by” as portrayed by Streep and Redford in “Out of Africa”

We say that camping safaris are especially suited to those enthusiasts who want to get closer to the action and feel the thorns in their feet and smell the dust. This does not mean they are uncomfortable – only less sanitized and closer to the real thing.

Camps are nearly always put up in advance and generally include flush loos and bucket showers. Getting there is normally by road transfers or air charter.

There is no better experience then camping wild in a remote park with only a few millimetres of canvas between you and wild Africa, guiding is of the highest order with no time-table to adhere to – game experience are unparalleled.

There are two main styles of Mobile Camping Safaris

Active Escape Safari