Africa’s best guide

Africa’s best guide

david-carsons-2(quoted from article in the March 2016 copy of BA Inflight – Highlife magazine)

‘Zimbabwe ‘s professional safari guides, who are required to undergo a rigorous 5 year certification process , are recognized as some of the best in the world, which also makes Zim one of the best places to go walking and see the Big Five on foot ,

A learner guide has to clock up a minimum of 250 walking hours to be taken seriously.

Zimbabwe ‘s proceedures for obtaining a licence are known to be the most difficult and extensive and well respected in Africa .

david-carsonsStatistics show that only 1 in 15 guides succeed each year.

Training includes a minimum 2 year apprenticeship and concludes with a rigorous , week long practical exam, during which time the aspirant guide has to track and make safe approaches to dangerous game such as buffalo and elephant.

It is also costly to achieve full professional guide status in Zimbabwe, which means only the most passionate and dedicated apprentices stay the course’

David Carsons is a well  known Pro guide who co owns Camp Hwange – we ll known for its walking safaris.