5 Reasons to choose an Escorted Tour in Zimbabwe

For any traveller visiting an unknown country can be daunting and Zimbabwe can pose more of a challenge with little accurate information available online. The country actually lends itself to driven tours with a good tarred road network and attractions spread far and wide (and often far from commercial airports).

It is possible to tour the  entire country including it’s many and varied attractions from Great Zimbabwe’s awe-inspiring ruins to Mana Pools National Park and Cecil Rhodes moving grave overlooking the unusual Motopos National Park. There is so much to see and do in this great country.

We think one of the best ways to see the country’s many charms is to take an escorted tour- this is where you travel with a driver who also acts as your guide throughout your trip. These trips appeal to those who enjoy the ‘doing’ and ‘experiencing’ instead of merely seeing; getting off the beaten tourist tracks; and who take a deep interest in their surroundings.

5 Reasons to choose an Escorted Tour

  1. It is Hassle Free. Your driver and guide will organise everything from checking fuel, oil and water levels, ensuring that vehicles have all the required safety gear, to navigating and dealing with any police roadblocks etc.
  2. Seeing the countryside. Driving allows you to view the countryside and countless small moments and small beauties in ways that flying never can. The scenery along the route is spectacular and many will find the traditional homesteads interesting.
  3. The Flexibility. As much as possible this is your schedule- choose to stop and explore when you see something of interest, wake up late if you prefer, eat where and when you want.
  4. Your Driver/Guide and soon to be friend! We cannot emphasise enough how much is revealed to you by being accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide. Your driver/guide will answer your questions as you go and show you hidden local gems as well as explaining the rich tapestry of flora, fauna, culture and history of the country.
  5. Meeting the People. Above all, Zimbabwe is known for its people – proud, warm, friendly – a people eager to share their country, their culture, and their hospitality with you.

Contact us to enquire about tailor making your escorted tour today- we will offer sample itineraries but don’t hesitate to make changes! This is your holiday and every aspect from which style of lodging, which guide and which vehicle is in your hands!